Nice over 70 pages book walk us through various entanglement we experienced or going to be experienced. Small yet fascinating stories. Books also highlights arts by renowned artist — “Ganesh Doddamani”

A cent effort to put few highlights of book with mindmap.

Note: Few questions.. highlights is my way of understanding the book. It is possible to take different angle for each story :)

Author (Prabindh Sundareson) has written a book with intention — “Writing for a cause” — and he is cultivating this purpose. Thanks for writing for a cause !!!

WINning Habits — Achieving the excellence by right frame of mind and body execution. Though the book is dedicated to achieve excellence in Sports, I found that the described phenomenon is applicable to any field where excellence matters.

Traditional continuation to my earlier post, I am presenting here the mind map of the “Winning Habits” and my take away from this book.

Disclaimer: This is not the review of the book, but revisiting the book and my nutshell take away from it. This is my understanding while reading the book not necessarily I have covered all aspect of the book.

Basic Concepts and Techniques

Basic Concepts and Techniques

Specific GAMES

Recently started creating mindmap of books that I am finishing and the one which I would like to revisit in the future.

Mindmap is a powerful tool/technique to create image of one’s understanding/thoughts. In simpler form - putting thoughts on a paper in a vague manner and then refine the same via neurons like structures (similar to how neurons creates a map inside the brain)

Below is the mindmap of the book- “RICH DAD POOR DAD” by Mr.Robert T. Kiyosaki & Ms. Sharon L.Lecther. It is one of the powerful book I have came acrossed to start educating myself on Finance — “FINANCIAL LITERACY” (I have picked this word from the book)

**Mind map is created using tool — MindMaster on Linux.

Image courtesy — Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

At time we do not trust prebuilt binaries which runs on our device. For example — we don’t know how prebuilt chrome respect our data privacy. As chromium is open source, we have scope to modify as per our need. So let’s build an android port of chromium browser and change a default home page settings. This is just to provide a small bite to customization here. We do have access to source code, so we can customize more to meet our hunger.

Build chromium from source

Google already has details page on ‘how to build a chromium for android’ (refer below link), so…

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Passionate about solving ‘engineering’ problems on/with Embedded Android, IoT, Linux & any open OS .

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